About me

My aim with this blog is to spill the beans, dish the dirt, put the lid on the dunny, dip the bikkie in the tea, put the snag in your bunnings sausage sizzle ect… on all things travel!

This is not to be taken as a travel guide but I mean if you want to then go right ahead lol. And if you’re still lost figuring out what the heck this blog is for… it’s simply my no frills opinion and stories about the places i’ve travelled. Whether its just to Ipswich or some exotic location… the tea shall be spilt here!

Boom thats me above. Catherine Mahina Law aka Minaah. I somehow along the way came up with the nicname Minaah with that exact spelling to shorten Mahina (Mahina is what everyone calls me. Except for professionally aka work its Catherine) but it has the same amount of letters as Mahina so I don’t know what happened there. Here’s the boring stuff… 1990’s born, went and graduated highschool, didn’t go to uni. Pisces, mystic af, i am obsessed with BTS (s/o BTS ARMY fams) and HP.

And why do I call myself the bogan islander? Well if you’ve met me then you’re probably laughing cos it just fits well with moi. Im Australian Cookisland to put it simply. None of this i’m 1/4 this – 1/4 that (go homeee) I’m the most Aussiest of Aussies but also the most Kukiest of Kuki’s! Needed a tagline for this blog and that popped up in my brain so went with it. Anyways enjoy my ramblings! Ciao~