Different conversations

Sit with people committed to personal growth, I promise the conversations are different.

Since last year I have been on this personal development path in my life that has greatly enriched me. I feel as if throughout my whole life there has been this belief that those who read the self-help books or work on themselves constantly, must truly need it and I’m fine without it. Oh how wrong I was.

Last year was a big blessing and I view it as 2020 – clear vision – as if my eyes had been opened and I was able to truly see myself for the first time. A great awakening, as it has been called, had happened.

I initially thought ok, its lockdown, I live alone and I hate being alone so I need to look after my mental health. I started meditating daily, implemented a morning routine, started walking daily and moving my body to keep active. Reading books slowly and taking in what I’m reading as much as I can. Learning new things, becoming curious about the world and all of its myths and religions throughout the ages and all the beliefs that differ from mine.

Then I came to my own realisation that all these religions new and old, they all claim to be the chosen one, they all have the same narrative, stories and prophecies all just interpretated differently from each other. So I started digging deeper and restructuring my own beliefs and how I was raised to see things and what is the truth.

I think its important that as an adult; you make up your own mind on the beliefs that you were raised in and have open conversations with people with different view points to yours. And when I say ‘open’ I mean open. Not one where you are sitting there waiting for them to pause so you can jump down their throat with your own response as to why they are wrong and you are right. But also not where you are going to believe the very first thing that gets thrown at you, so gullible and naïve that they get excited to have recruited somebody to their belief… my friend you are more than just a number in a pew, let me tell you that much. I kind of look at it like… one must have a child-like mind about things. Always questioning and curious.

If there is a religion that ones a part of which completely resonates with them and gives them happiness, love and peace, who are we too say that, how that person lives, dresses, understands and believes in things is wrong. Maybe I’m too naïve myself but this is my current belief that I stand firm in. If you believe it to be true and you are living in the highest version of your life with that belief, who am I to point and say it is wrong. I have recently come to this conclusion.

We are all, inside of us, ‘chosen ones’. I now fully understand that inside of me and inside of you is everything we need, we are all Devine beings able to create and live the life we deserve. Full of lessons, healing, growth, creativity and all the joy and excitement you can fathom. We are programmed and also grow up in environments where we follow and trust in this ‘blind faith’ no matter what and without it we are nothing. If you claim to have desires or wants for a better life for yourself you are vain, selfish or blasphemous and you must give up all to live a humble life. But isn’t your own happiness and spiritual walk a desire within itself? Then the more we believe that God is so far out of reach from us or just a being in the sky and we are letting him down by having our own personal wants or needs. The more we get depressed, unsettled, never happy, never content… always reaching for an external source, when the source we needed all along was within.

New-age its a funny thing isn’t it.
But who is too say what is new-age actually? What if we’re all just remembering knowledge that has been passed down. What if all I’m typing is doing nothing but make you angry and I have triggered something within yourself that needs to prove you’re belief is right. It’s all just funny, thought invoking, interesting things to assist us in this life. And also who am I too say I am right anyway. Knowledge, understandings and interpretations is up to the eye of the beholder. We all know the truth for ourselves within us. Be happy and live a good, honest life, don’t hurt others especially animals or children. Live truthfully, whatever that truth and understanding is for you.

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