I have been unsure what to do with this site. Essentially my aim with this was to document my thoughts, feelings and in the moment experiences as I was travelling. I always felt I have been better at expressing myself with words rather than through video and talking. It was important and still is important that I had these first hand experiences documented down for my future generation so that they can be inspired to see the world for themselves. One thing I learnt was that its one thing to see things on TV or social media but its another thing to experience it for yourself or to know someone that has.

However in 2020 we were locked down and like many things this was all put to a halt. So I thought ok what if I were to document and start writing about my experience with this pandemic, if the world as we know it ends it would be cool to have my thoughts and experiences with it documented. Then when that didn’t happened I thought ok new year, new camping equipment and I’m going to maybe run with this new idea of camp blogs. We went camping 3 times and then that idea died off and it was just not something I was passionate about.

So here we are.

Its 2021 in 4 more months and a few weeks it will be 2022. When I first started this site I was 28 and now I am 31.

I am still not to sure where to take this website but it has been on my mind alot more now than ever before.

Thankyou to everyone who still views and reads through this strange array of my internal thoughts and putting up with so many grammatical errors. As I grow so too will this site.

Until then, stay safe.


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