So hey, we meet again.

Been a while since I’ve written about anything on here since I’ve been back from Japan in 2019. And what’s even a huge testament to my dwindling mindset back then, I didn’t even finish the Japan travel blogs and they are still sitting in my drafts. But we shall move on and speak about the mess of 2020.

Had such big travel dreams for last year… Halloween in Europe, possibly travel to Egypt or Hawaii for my 30th, snow trip over to NZ, maybe a quick party trip to Raro but thanks Pandemic for placing that halt on those dreams real quick and caging this free bird to four walls instead.

With these travel dreams crushed and starting to feel more trapped then ever; throughout this worldwide crisis there were lessons learnt in our most darkest of days. Stay with me for a few more minutes while I go through my lessons learnt in 2020.

The importance of Gratitude and blessings.

During lockdown, living alone and also working from home. Suddenly my mental health became the most crucial thing I needed to take care of. So to prevent going down that dark path, every morning I woke up, I would reach for my journal and write down 5 things I am greatful for. These 5 things had to be in depth and change every single day, that was the only rule.

I did this consistently for 3 months and then suddenly my mindset changed. Soon you start to appreciate every small thing in your life. Something so little as a butterfly flies by you and you stop for a moment and take it in. I became appreciative of each phone call from a loved one because I realised that in that moment, that person decided to stop and give me a call to say hey. They didn’t have to do that, but they did and I was greatful.

You are appreciative of each gust of wind, every rain cloud and sun that shone. So greatful and appreciative you cry tears of love and gratitude just thinking about how loved you truly are. Loved not just by people but by nature, the universe and God. When you are in that state, the blessings in your life is endless and you think of all the things you do have instead of all the turmoil and fear that is being displayed all around us through the news, social media and my work. This change of perspective within me and truly breathing, walking and having this awareness of gratitude was a big and beautiful lesson learnt. One that I don’t think I would’ve embarked on if the world wasn’t in a pandemic.

The healing powers of Nature & EXERCISE

Ahhh nature. Didn’t know how much of an impact it had on ones mental health until a worldwide pandemic lockdown. I remember feeling a longing for trees, flowers, sunsets (not the sunrises though too early) and suddenly feeling jealous of birds and animals who got to roam mother nature freely. Whether you are a creationist or believe in evolution, one thing became apparent, our bodies, minds and souls longed for the energy of nature instead of an artificial one.

Prior to this (2019 and beyond) I will honestly say quite frankly, I would care less for nature. Sure I would opt for a metal straw over a plastic one but to be honest it was quite a trendy thing for the gram anyway. Sure I would eat a vegan dish here and there and appreciate nature through my phone while I enjoyed my freedom walking through a concrete, man-made sterilised jungle. Over time our minds (or rather less my mind) became too materialised and entertained and we weren’t aware of our bodies natural need for the earths rich soil beneath our bare feet like little children again.

Sunrises and sunsets missed, and only watchable through our 4 walls and personal outdoor space (if you have one). Vitamin D prescriptions and supplements instead of going outside and sungazing beneath the suns powerful rays. We learnt that we took for granted all the vast healing powers of nature and the sun and its impact on our mental health, moods and general well-being.

So on I would walk, everyday after my morning meditation. To be outside, to walk or run, embrace my body and push its limits. To close my eyes and breath in big deep and meaningful breaths while i’m surrounded by trees and no face mask. Every day I would do this one simple task but get so much benefits from it. From now on it was walks outside instead of walks on a treadmill.

tune out and tune in

The news is blasting this Covid19 virus 24/7. QAnon they doing there thing blasting something else. Social media is another toxic environment. There’s only so much internet and netflix one can take but you can’t leave your house and you’re bored. I might as well meditate. Might as well read some books. I might as well just start a side hustle and see if I can earn money by creating something. I might as well find new friends to match my new mindset. I might as well learn something new. I might as well delve deep into all the knowledge that is available to me and open my mind to new concepts, thoughts and opinions. I might as well just do that, there’s nothing else to do. THIS, this is what changed my entire being this year from being a mindless sheep into one with a newfound child-like mentality curious about the world around her.

One person sent me a message and they voiced how disappointed they were in me, how I should be smarter and they believed I was lost and depressed in my house all alone, spiralling down a rabbit hole. In reality I was the happiest I had ever been. I was still the same person, still loved my food, I still laughed the loudest in a room and still cracked the same jokes that noone laughed at except myself (which actually is quite beneficial in a lonesome lockdown). So instead of calling me and having an open discussion they instead decide to belittle me and go down a path of attempting to hurt me because their own ego is challenged. This was a new thing that had happened to me. I’ve not ever been one who likes to lead or stand out from the crowd. I would much rather fit in and go along with everyone else.

So I lost some friends during lockdown due to varying opinions and that’s ok. I became more aware that if I replied back and started voicing my thoughts, what would be the result anyway? Let them blast away in your inbox while you put on a face mask (that they claim you don’t wear) and hit the delete button.

So the last and most important lesson I learnt was lesson 3 – If anyone wants to leave your life based off of something little and instead of having an open discussion because they see you as a person with value, then let it be there own misconception of you and wish them well and be on your way. In fact anyone that belittles you and consistently leaves a negative imprint on your life after you’ve had that discussion with them. I don’t care how long you’ve known that person or who they are, leave. Energy don’t lie and your frequencies and vibrations aren’t on the same level no more. Wish them well and be on your beautiful way.

The same with everything else. If the news is doing nothing but bringing fear into your life and keeping you on edge and anxious – turn it off. If social media is bringing no value into your life – turn off your notifications. Those that truly care about you will call you up or msg your phone directly. Tune anything out that doesn’t bring you value, joy, peace or love into your life and tune into the things that do.


Amidst all the stereotype that 2020 was the worst year yet. Dramatics aside… it was actually a pretty good year. Here’s some positive things that was gained to wrap things up.

  • Bottled water sales were down
  • We’ve learnt to love and support local,
  • We’re getting out and exercising more. Never seen as many walkers as I have in my whole life, than what I saw last year.
  • We’re embracing our own Country and and exploring our own backyards more as international travel is not allowed.
  • We’re appreciating the small things in life,
  • We’re seeing the benefit of buying better not cheaper,
  • We’re reading more, engaging with more people and becoming active in our community.
  • There’s many benefits to working from home,
  • Noone cares what you look like during a crisis. Who gives a f**k if you haven’t got the latest makeup pallet or designer bag.
  • Oh and that Toilet Paper is a commodity and if you haven’t been investing in Crypto… baby its time to start! You need to have back-up money!! Don’t rely on that government cheque to keep feeding you.
  • Lastly… lets not join that MLM group during a Pandemic and start claiming financial freedom through your protein shakes. It’s 2020 huni and our vision is clear… we can get the exact same results with a normal protein powder down at our own local. Lets not be that person making those claims.

If you’ve made it this far than… Yes I am still continuing on with my morning ritual that I started during the lockdown. Yes I did end up loosing alot of weight thanks to the walking and yes I did manage to successfully gain that weight back after the lockdown ended. Finally yes I now no longer do my lockdowns alone because yes I also managed to attract into my life a solid, fun and passionate relationship and my year ended up being frigging amazing funnily enough. So to the person who claimed I was spiraling down a depressive rabbit hole, your claims didn’t work for that I apologise, I am actually very happy in my rabbit hole surrounded by all my books with my vast open mindedness mentality.

On that note I say farewell to 2020 and its lessons learnt. We take the good and we leave the bad behind including any friendships lost along the way. Heres to 2021 with a new insight on life, new mindset with a new love and may we never stop learning and becoming more aware of ones-self. Also this is a new series on my website… because why tha fck not? Don’t like it – go ahead and create your own fckng art.

I love you all,

Minaah x


  1. Lockdown taught us many lessons, including these three. Thank you!

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  2. Great post. I completely agree with the lessons learnt you are mentioning, and for me it has mostly been about gratitude and blessings 😊 Thanks for sharing this optimistic and hopeful post!

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