Date: April 15th, Monday
Travelling from: Osaka back to Tokyo

We had a free day today as it would take us half the day to travel back to Tokyo then to our next hotel destination. So it was back on a bullet train that morning. Saw Mt Fuji from the train on the journey back. From what we saw it was so majestic! Note to self – Oneday will come back and see it closer, it’s so beautiful!

Our Hotel

Eventually we made it to our hotel. The hotel is so colourful and animated, we love it! Made some new friends, went and got a bunch of food from Lawsons and just chilled in our room for the night. Nothing crazy tonight.

Disneysea time!

Date: April 16th, Tuesday

After a relaxing night, we were both able to wake up super early. They provided a bento box breakfast at the hotel then we were off!

After the long 20 minutes of standing up in a super crowded bus, getting into Disneysea gates was super easy! No long lines, nothing. We both did not know what to expect of this place but when we got in, the place blew our mind!

For lack of a better word to describe the place was magical! In my opinion it featured the very best of the best of Disney. For all water lovers, this was our domain. There is nothing ordinary about this place. You’re walking down one section and it has this Mediterranean theme, then will seamlessly change into an Arabian theme and so on. It was stunning!

As soon as we got in, we somehow ended up in the longest line I’ve ever seen… which ended up being for Toy-Story fast passes. So that wasted nearly 2.5 hours just lining up. However it did give us the chance while in line to look at our maps and plan our day out properly.

Tip number 1 – Getting a fast pass should be the very first thing you do. It will enable you to skip a 2 hour wait line and walk straight to the very top of the queue. You get your pass then just come back to that ride at the time on your ticket – easy! There will also be another time on the fast pass ticket which will be the time you can get another fast pass ticket. So we planned our day around these times.

  • Toy Story Mania 8/10. This ones great for kids. Felt like I was inside an actual game.

The rides

Tower of Terror

We went on that many rides, to be honest this while day is one big happiness blur but one ride I do remember is the ‘tower of terror’. No it’s not like the tower of terror at dreamworld, however it does have that free-fall ride theme to it. It has this elaborate story to it, you are in a hotel owned by a previous explorer and collector of exotic artefacts. When all of a sudden the explorer goes missing, which was supposedly caused by this idol.

The sheer number of artefacts, different pre-show rooms, and newspaper clippings means that you’ll need to experience this several times. This is one attraction where, we feel, it would have been nice to know Japanese because then all of a sudden you go to sit inside this elevator and then it just plummets you into darkness and you literally feel your heart in your throat.

Tip number 2 – Try the Tower of Terror. It is a must! 10/10

The journey to the centre of the Earth.

This is another ride I would highly recommend getting a fast pass for as soon as you can, then trying it out straight away! It’s a dark thrill ride where you’re inside Mount Prometheus. Even lining up you were inside this cavern, slowly taking you down beneath the earths surface. The climax is intense and spectacular.

Tip number 3 – I recommend going straight to Journey to the Centre of the Earth when the park opens, getting a FastPass for it, and then immediately getting in line for it via the standby line.

  • Aladdin! 10/10. I am a HUGE fan of Aladdin since I was little so this was an awesome surprise! You get to see Aladdins world in all its full glory.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure 10/10 seriously.
  • Venetian Gondolas 8/10. Absolutely beautiful scenery at sunset.
  • Raging Spirits 7/10. The intense thrill ride for adults. It’s a roller-coaster with a full 360 loop. We had fast-passes for this one, otherwise I don’t think it’s worth lining up 2 hours for, considering it is such a short ride.
  • Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage 3/10. Great for kids tho, but not for adults lol.

There are so many things to see and do here. The one question i’ve been getting alot is ‘What is Disneysea?’ And quite simply it is lands and attractions based on various ports of call, both real and imagined in the Disney-Universe. I don’t recommend skipping any attractions here if you have the time to experience them all as pretty much everything in Tokyo DisneySea is varying degrees of awesome.

I highly recommend spending 2 days at Disneysea as we didn’t get to see or try everything as there was so much to do. I would also recommend saving all your pennies and staying at Hotel MiraCosta. It is the only hotel in the world that is located inside of a Disney theme park.

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