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These apps saved our a** in Japan!

Visiting Japan there were things that made our life so much easier due to all the mistakes we made along the way we realised ‘hey there’s an app for this.’ So let me share some of these apps that saved our a** there.

Some of these apps will require internet. Check out my article on Japan travel tips for how you can get unlimited wifi while you’re travelling.

Trip it

This app is for those of us who like to stay super organised and want one place where everything is listed.

It syncs from your email and will automatically input every flight and hotel information into this app in a handy timeline starting from day 1 when you take off.

But the reason why I loved this app was because you don’t need internet and it will list all the finer details that you don’t think you need, but you do. Handy for filling out customs form when you land. No need to hunt down the address to your accomodation if you have no internet. The last thing I want to do is take out every single item in my bag to find some printed out copy of my hotel, this app is handy.

Google maps

You absolutely CAN NOT visit Japan and not use Google Maps! And if you have survived without this app, please comment below on how. Not only does it tell you where to go (you already knew that, the word ‘map’ is pretty self-explanatory) BUT (stick with me) it has probably the most helpful tool ever on this app that we never realised!

90% of the time you will be using public transport in Japan. The number one fear is ‘how can I decipher Japans public transport system?’ And the obvious answer here is, Google maps!

  • It will show you where your closest train station is from your accommodation.
  • Put in your destination and it will show you all the different train routes you can take.
  • Will tell you which platform, colour train line, time it comes and show you how to get to that platform.


Google Translate

We didn’t know about how handy this app was until after a week in Japan and I got sick of just pushing random buttons on the tv remote and hoping it changes the channel. Downloaded this app and VOILA I wish I had used it from the very start!

Don’t think you need it? You can probably survive without it.
But will having this app make your holiday in Japan a tonne easier? Heck yes!

You will need wifi to use this app, but not only can you type in what you want to say in English and have it translated in Japanese but you can also press on the camera option and any Japanese writing will be changed to English! Its cool! Not sure on the accuracy but it was handy for menus.

Japan Travel

Now you absolutely can get around with just using Google maps however I stumbled across this app on one of our hostels mobile phones they provided for us to use free of charge! It was so handy that when we checked out and gave our hostel mobiles back, I downloaded it onto my own phone.

This app will show you pretty much anything you need. Places to eat, sights to see and fun things to do.

But the reason why we used it so much was because Google maps does not show Shinkansen (bullet train) details and it was confusing without this app as we were travelling out of Tokyo. Download this app and make life easier if you need Shinkansen details, trust me!

Those are pretty much the main 4 apps that we used every single day and we would have no survived Japan without them! Absolute lifesavers! Cheers technology.

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