Hello life, how are ya.

Date: April 14th, Sunday
Feeling: Excited!
Time: Woke up around 630am.
Weather: Raining argh

Apart from seeing the Fushimi Shrine in Kyoto, this was the next huge thing on my bucket-list. Had no problems waking up super early, did not care about the depressing weather outside, this was the moment I get to see Hogwarts and Hogsmeade in its full glory!

First up;

The hotel!

After ‘roughing’ it out in capsules for the past few days we planned our journey to have our most expensive hotels toward the end of our trip. Starting with Universal Park Front Hotel.

Happiness feeling number 1:

Did not need to walk to a train station with all our heavy luggage during peak time. Constantly cursing at life, hating every moment. We just caught a taxi costing us just over $20.

Happiness feeling number 2:

I’m a curvy girl. Some (everyone) say i’m a little high maintenance so saying goodbye to our life of capsules, skinny matresses and waiting in line for a shower… those days are now gone and I can’t freakin wait to have a proper shower and get changed out in the open instead of a small stall and hearing other people snoring.

Universal Park Front Hotel

Another bonus of travelling with me is every trip so far I have always been upgraded. And just when I was thinking ‘cmon universe, wheres my upgrade at’ they delivered! Originally we had paid nearly $500 for a night here with just a normal city views room. It is expensive but we went all out for our last few days and this place is literally at the entrance to Universal, handy for leaving the park and coming back in. So we thought… eh might as well. As they say ‘do the mahi – get the treats.’ (Mahi meaning work for all my non-nz friends).

The way this place works is the higher level you are on, the more expensive the room is (or the richer you are pretty much). There are 12 floors and we got upgraded to the 10th floor in this massive corner room with huge floor to ceiling windows surrounding most of this gigantic room. Two queen size beds, city views, after spending past few nights in a humble capsule hostel this was the life. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a upgrade but I am greatful.

And like you just get treated differently in general. We had an escort, luggage delivered, customer service in Japan is always 100 but now it was even more extra. Made money moves here!

The grand entrance
It was Easter so there was Easter themed decor around
City views room

Universal Studios

This place was the ultimate theme park. Movie World at the Gold Coast has nothing on how magnificent this place was! From the moment you enter you literally feel like you are in some other world in another time.

What can I say about this place? It is exactly as you imagine it to be. If you have never been here, let me give you some tips.

  • Go early (obviously). It helps if you have a hotel super close by so you can enter the park and leave as you desire. We left to recharge our electronics and rest our feet for a few hours.
  • You can leave and re-enter. You will be given a black light stamp so its not obvious on your hand that you do have a stamp, so be careful.
  • Get fast passes! Otherwise you will be waiting up to 2 hours in line. Not fun at all.
  • Everything will be in Japanese. Obviously, but when you’re wondering why Spiderman doesn’t sound the same, there it is.
  • Whats that wonderful yummy smell that’s lingering in the air? It is a turkey leg. Go to the Jurassic World section and you will see a food stall selling them. Buy one.
  • Go on that huge roller coaster where just the sight of it makes you pee your pants. When you go, you will know what i’m talking about. I was waiting in line having all kinds of panic attacks but had to push through because I didn’t want to let my friend down. Was worth it. Would I go on it again? Probably not. I sh*t my pants, screamed everyone’s ears off. But it was the best.
  • Don’t like minions? Too bad. They are everywhere.

The Wizarding World

For years and years now I always wanted to go to this place, buy my cape in my house colours and soak in every moment here, and that is exactly what I did!

I only allowed myself one expensive item and nothing else. It was either a wand or cape… and voila I got the cape.

In hindsight I wish I had at least tried to loose weight before going to Japan, me in all my curvy glory trying to buy a damn cape in my size was annoying. “Do you have anything larger than a size L?” Sadly not. Thank goodness the L fit otherwise all my dreams and photo goals would have been wrecked! Such a hard, troubled life I live.

Another downside was that everything was in Japanese so it did diminish the fantasy a tad but forget that, this was everything! It was raining, dark and gloomy all day. The cape is so heavy and huge that it ended up protecting me from the rain and I didn’t need an umbrella.

Absolutely noone:
Not one single person caring:
Me: Now the question you all have been asking. Did I cry?

Yes. These blogs are really starting to diminish my gangsta, cold-hearted reputation so I really need to do something to bring my rep back up… but I cried internally all day long. Then when Hogwarts lit up at night and the loud speaker yelled out ‘Hufflepuff’ in Japanese… which sounded something like ‘Hufflepuffu’… all these little girly bi**ch tears start streaming down my face, but that’s just for you and I to know. Anyone else asks… it was the rain.

Everything in between

We left the park to recharge, get the big camera and rest our feet for a while. My friend rested while I soaked in this huge tub with bubbles, relaxing bath salts and blessed her with her very own personal concert featuring all of my greatest covers ranging from Mariah Carey to Boys II Men and backstreet boys. I’m a multi-talented ART-ESTTT and she loved every moment. She was though pretending to sleep when I got out but I could see the tears and adoration in her eyes, thanking me for all the harmonious sounds of my voice.

Fully recharged and ready to go we went back into the park and stayed there well past closing time.

This whole experience has been one of the best that has shaped my views on life, got me out of my comfort zone once again and helped me see another side of life. The photos, videos and memories you take away with you will be irreplaceable, so much better then any night out. Have adventures in your 20’s.

Now minus -$200 for a Harry Potter cape which I will probably almost never wear again and is currently just hanging up in my room. And -$28 for a spiderman raincoat… do I regret spending so much, was it a waste of money? Absolutely not.

5 comments on “Hello life, how are ya.

  1. Ooooh I’m so tempted to go to Universal in Japan, it looks so much fun! Plus Harry Potter is always a winner.

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  2. Amazing post! I hope I’ll get the chance to go there one day too 😍😍 Thanks for sharing!

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