Last few days in Tokyo…

Welcome back to another episode of our Japan adventures! Carrying on from where we left off at . This blog will be a big one! So grab a tea and some snacks.

Day 2 – Spent hungova, didn’t get out of our hotel until midday.

On our agenda today was to visit a museum that we had paid for called ‘Planets’ and ‘Team Lab Borderless’.

HOWEVER because one of us (ahem not me, for some reason my organs was nice and healthy and did not give me a hangover) was suffering the sins of the previous night (I was suffering from other consequences of sins from said night), we missed the time on our ticket to go see ‘Planets’ and only made it to ‘Borderless’.

Currently: – $43 for the Planets ticket.

However we did make it to Team Lab Borderless! It was mostly projections and long lines but it was incredible! Despite feeling run-down, our devices running low on battery therefore not getting that many good shots. It was an amazing experience.

That evening we went home, picked up some food from the convenience store and properly organised our next day.


Day 3: Can’t remember the date…
Whether: Still unbelievably freezing.

It is our last full day and night in Tokyo and thanks to our hangover backtracking our plans for a day, our goal for today was to see how much of Tokyo we can squeeze into one day! After eating a big breakfast and being caffeinated, we started.

Our plan of attack was to start with the furtherest distance from our hotel.

Hotel: In Shinjuku

Furtherest place we wanted to see: about 1 hour by train in Asakusa.

ASAKUSA – Sensoji Temple

Welcome to Asakusa where we wanted to see this incredible temple.

Sensoji is located here in the heart of Asakusa where you can feel the old vibes of Japan. I think I remember hearing that this was once the main entertainment district, as well as a red light district back in the days. Which is kinda ironic since it’s also the location for this stunning temple.

But that is about all I know of this temple, so if you’re looking for a history lesson on Sensoji… this is not it. We arrived around 10am and it was so packed… so there went my photo/ video shoots… (much to my friends enjoyment, she is well and truly sick of being my photographer hahaha) apart from that, the place is stunning! We spent a good solid 1.5 hours here as it is quite impressive and we were in good spirits when we left despite the crowds.

One word – PACKED

My ultimate tip – Do not go during peak times. We arrived around 10am and it was full.

Pokémon centre

Next on the list was the Pokemon Centre for my friend.

Let me tell you now, this place was such a damn hassle to find. In between trying to locate this shop (which I didn’t know was a shop lol) we visited an aquarium and roamed around Tokyo Skytree.

So here are some photos from two extra bonuses, starting with…

Sumida Aquarium

Found in Tokyo Skytree.

Entry: $20-ish

Honestly pretty small considering the entry price, but it was a great place to stop and rest for a bit. We also figured out how to capture video on the DSLR I was using. The penguins were my highlight here! There’s also something quite sad about this aquarium but I’m not sure if that’s just my head thinking of all the whale killing Japan does.

But still a great place for kids! And My friend and I haha…

Tokyo Skytower

Next is walking around the skytower trying to find our Pokémon centre. I think it took us a good solid few hours including the aquarium visit, just to find the centre.

We didn’t go all the way to the top because you had to pay something like $40 (don’t quote me on that) and we were time restricted.

But honestly there’s so much to see and do here, it’s not like Sydney skytower.

Here’s some photos!

Pokemon Centre take 2

Eventually we found this place after asking a few people where to go. And VOILA here it is! The famous Pokemon centre!

Disappointed it is actually just a Pokemon shop with Pokemon statues around. The one we went to is in Tokyo Skytree. But if you’re a huge Pokemon fan then you would still die and go broke here.


After we had finished up from Asakusa, Tokyo Skytower and Pokemon Centre we travelled up to Akihabara… the gaming centre of Japan!

Akihabara… if I had one word to sum this place up it would be ‘electric town’. Tokyos otaku cultural centre of the world. The prime location for finding electronics, video games and lots of manga and anime.

As soon as we stepped out from the train station and into this crazy world, we were approached by Japanese girls dressed up as maids (or lolita girls) on the side of the street, trying to get you to come into their cafe.

There was all kinds of animal cafe; dogs, cats, snakes… hedgehogs… we did go into see a hedgehog cafe but when we arrived, the place was dead, empty and depressing. We honestly felt so sorry for the poor little animals sitting there in their mini homes, so we just left.

The overwhelming part of it though was all the massive anime and manga displays. If you’re looking for a certain figurine or a vintage manga, you will definitely find it in this suburb of Tokyo.

Overall, it is safe to say that no other Country does weird better than Japan.

Monster cafe

After going back to our hotel late in the afternoon to rest and recharge our devices, later on that night we ended up here!

Welcome to Kawaii Monster Cafe! Located in the heart of Harajuku, is the most wackiest, insane cafe ever. We went for the evening show at 9pm.

Remember that promise I made not to drink again? Well I lasted a day… on arrival, you pay your fee (I think it was something like $20-ish) and that will include a free drink! So I got some weird alcoholic cocktail, my friend got wine (she shmancy) and night was on!

The food though delivers right on theme with rainbow french fries, rainbow pasta… I don’t know what else, but take my word for it.

It is a sensory overload and every room has a different theme to it. Then suddenly the lights went out, few minutes later we were buzzing and watching some kind of Japanese Burlesque strip show.

No wonder why the entry level was for 21 years older only.

Only disappointment we left with is that it was only girls stripping and there was no male entertainment.

Bathroom was insane
The bar


Day 4: Friday 12th April
Weather: Even more cold then the last weather update.
Feeling: On a scale of 1 – 10? A 10. I am so excited for Kyoto!!

Made the most out of our breakfast buffet. Checked out of the hotel and on to our next location. KYOTO

Now here we have the famous *drum roll* bullet train. Lovers of trains will cream there pants right about now. What is this train known for? Going fast.

And i’m sure we’re all waiting (noones waiting) on whether I think it lives up to the hype or just seems like a normal train.


Is it fast?

What is my conclusion?

Let me tell you now…

To be honest I am just stalling cause the answer is pretty simple. It is super effing fast. So fast you feel like you are on a freakin plane and your ears pop. There I said it. The millions of you asking me this question (literally noone), you have your answer.

Ok i’m done. I’ll shutup now lol.

Oh yeah before I leave,


This one is called Nine Hours Kyoto. I think this blog has been long enough so I will tell you my honest thoughts in the next one.

Wow I just realised I can do one of those advertisement type things here…

*Insert cheesy voiceover*

Will I like this capsule hotel? Will everything go smoothly? Will I even sleep? All these questions and more will be answered in the next blog! So stay tuned!

Thankyou for reading!

Until next time.

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