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Welcome to TOKYO

Day one: Monday, April 8th 2019
Flight details: Flew from Gold Coast direct to Narita International Airport, terminal 3.
Flight carrier: Jetstar
Flight times: 10:45am take off – 18:55pm (Japan time) touch down.
Airfare cost: Booked in January for $1093.20 AUD return including luggage.
Time difference: Japan is only 1 hour behind Australia.

What to say for the start of another adventure…
Flight was long. Was annoyed that we got moved to the front and had babies and families surrounding us, therefore got no sleep. Once we arrived we had to journey to Terminal 2 to pick up our wifi hotspot.

I won’t go into details about how long it took us to get to our hotel but lets just say it was well after midnight.

First impressions of Tokyo so far: Large, colourful, absolutely freezing and it was spring. I have never felt that cold in my life!

Day two: Tuesday April 9th
Accomodation: Hotel Listel Shinjuku

Buffet breakfast! Woohoo! Train station was only a 7 minute walk from our hotel thank goodness. Weather is still freezing… didn’t think that would change overnight.

The only thing on our agenda today was to soak in all the beauty of Sakura. Seeing Sakura in real life truly took my breath away. Curtains of pink and white flowers envelopes the streets, houses, temples, roads, bridges and parks… it is as beautiful in real life as it is in photos.

Our Cherry Blossom viewing spots were: Meguro River and Shinjuku-Gyeon park.

All the multiple train options to get to Shinjuku to Meguro

Cherry Blossom tips

Be prepared for crowds

We had a late start to the morning and arrived at Meguro around 11pm… I would recommend going early as it was packed with tourists. And just be mindful of vehicles when taking your photos on the bridge. So get up early if you want to get good shots without the crowds.

Check the Cherry Blossom forecast

If you plan on travelling during Sakura season, constantly monitor the Sakura forecast so that you get to see them in there full bloom.

Bring a Jacket

You want to wear a cute little dress for your photoshoot? Not possible. Spring in Japan at the start of the season meant icy winds and freezing temperatures so dress accordingly… this is not like Australian Spring weather. You have been warned.

Have a picnic!

Its not often back home where I will pick up my friends and go to a park and have a picnic… i’m just not that type of person. But surrounded by pink Cherry Blossoms… hells yeah I am now that type of person! It’s the simple things like having green tea and seeing flying Sakura petals in the air, you just can’t capture that feeling of serenity no matter how hard you try. Or if you’re like my friend who had a cute Sakura Icecream in the cold weather… because why not.

Doing a photo/ video shoot here was a dream come true and one that I’m so happy I did in my late 20’s. I highly recommend if you do plan on travelling to Japan you come during Cherry Blossom season, it is something I would encourage everyone to see at least once in their life. Mother nature will blow you away with her beauty.

Later on that night…

Robot Restaurant

We went out for dinner and a show that night at robot restaurant! Tbh I knew what to expect as I had planned this trip and knew it would be crazy, wacky, wild and intense. My friend on the other hand had no idea and was/ still is completely blown away at how crazy this dinner show was.

There’s nothing understated about this place and it definitely lived up to its expectations. Crazy lights, girls, robots, anime style fight scenes plus a whole lot of other things you will find only in Japan.

Unfortunately I did not bring my camera and my phone was not taking great footage so I missed out on showing you how colourful and wild this place looked but man… what a night!

There’s not much else I can say about it except you can’t do the experience without a drink. We had one too many drinks and ended up in the clubs dancing the night away.

From a relaxing day to an intense, wild night. Japan has lived up to its expectations thus far!

One of the crazy walls inside Robot Restaurant!

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