Sad goodbyes…

If you have just joined now, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! You can’t start here at the end half of my adventures! Click this link and start from the beginning.

But if you’re too lazy to read that much, then i’m glad you’ve joined in now. Kia-orana and G’day!

And if you have been following along every episode so far of my adventures, than you would know just how tired I am by this point, but the best is yet to come and we are not done yet!

Day: TBH I can’t remember. But it is my last day in the UK.
Flew from: Madrid to Stansted. Drove from Stansted back to Addleston.

Yes we had to fly via Ryan air once again. Yes the anxiety for another cancellation or delay was very high and I was keen to get back home. Finally at long last happy to say YES we did make it back to the UK. By midday I was back home, shower, get glam… hair, makeup, the complete works for my last night out in London.

We also had some drinks before we left and if this isn’t the most iconic British thing I have ever done or seen, I don’t know what is. But get this… I had warm tea… mixed with vodka! She said it is because it is cold and will keep you warm. In all my years of drinking (that’s an exaggeration, I don’t really drink only on special occasions) I have never seen such a thing.

Once we were in London, with alcohol fueled confidence we decided to do random photoshoots from all the places we had missed. Then we walked to Piccadilly circus, stopped by a corner pub and off to the Lyric Theatre to watch the Michael Jackson tribute concert! Now I know MJ has some bad rep due to a documentary that was released. However at the time, it was not released and it was everything!

I was worried my friend wouldn’t enjoy herself as the ticket was 45 pounds each (nearly $100aud) but we both had a blast! With me blasting Missy’s ears off with my screams and awesome singing (lol). She then had to endure me crying during some songs haha. The singers were so talented with perfect harmonies and the dancers were amazing! You truly got to experience and feel like what it would have been like at a MJ concert. It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience. This was definitely my highlight of the trip.

But sadly all good things must come to an end. With a quick morning trip to the local grocery shop to fill up my luggage with more food goodies to take back home, farewell hugs were done. I was so sad leaving the UK, it was all a last minute trip and vastly exceeded my expectations.

Had to ditch most of my clothes at the airport because I was over the weight limit by nearly 10kgs. Had more issues just getting through security which spiked my anxiety up and I was just over being in another airport. HOWEVER Jesus must’ve felt sorry for me at this time and thought ‘she’s gone through enough, lets upgrade her’ because I was upgraded to Business class from Heathrow to Korea! The flight alone was so luxurious and relaxing.

BUTTT that’s it for this episode!
One left and is for all my BTS Armies because I am in KOREA for the day and on a mission!

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