Exploring Poland

Quick recap of my adventures so far…

Day 1: Harry Potter Studio Tours
Day 2: London, Greenwich
Day 3: Stonehenge, Bath and Glastonbury
Day 4: Hampton Court
Day 5: Auschwitz and a Polish Wedding
Day 6: Continued below…

Date: October 14th 2018
Location: Poland

Waking up at 7am after going to sleep at 3am with a slight hangover, was the worst. A buffet breakfast at our hotel was enjoyed and after changing our plans we were off to explore Krakow before our flight back to the UK tonight.

Our hotel room.
Our breakfast table
Breakfast with this beautiful painting on the roof!

We were going to see the Salt Mines but decided against it due to time. So decided to venture out into the local town with our hosts and hear some stories of where they grew up.

There was churches on just about every corner. You could not walk down a new street without seeing another church. It was also Sunday and the sermon from the church was blasted onto the streets with loud speakers. The churches (regardless of how many there were) was packed inside so people were all gathered around sitting on the outside, on the street all listening to the preacher from the loudspeaker.

Beautiful weather!

It was a beautiful day! With winter approaching and I was sick of having to wear heavy coats all the time, it was nice to get some sunlight. We got some icecream from one of the local parlours renowned for having the best icecream in the world. We were standing around outside, eating our icecream, enjoying the sunshine… nek minnit… a full on military procession starts marching down the street. I think it was some sort of funeral for someone important, but obviously I don’t know who.

After the procession we decided it was time we headed into the capital, so it was goodbye to our new friends. And on the road again to the capital Krakow.


Poland has taken my breath away so far! Such a natural beauty! After parking our car, we went for a walk to the centre of the city… here are some photos we took along the way.

This is for when it snows. Before you enter into a place, you wipe your boots on it so you don’t bring snow inside! Something I had never seen before.
A piano in the middle of a busy footpath. This guy was playing one of my favourite musicians Ludovico Einaudi… beautiful!

The streets were so typical of the tourist photos you see of Europe – Amazing!

The one thing I wanted to see while I was in Krakow was St. Mary’s Basilica. A huge Gothic style Cathedral. No photos were allowed to be taken inside the building, however my friend managed to capture a few sneaky ones. And judging by just the roof, you can feel how grand this place is. Unfortunately the place was jam packed and was rushing us along, so we didn’t get a chance to sit down and take everything in. And I don’t think tourists were allowed to partake in any services. But it was amazing enough to take your breath away.

As we were walking the streets of Krakow with no real agenda in mind, we then stumbled across a monastery! The 12 statues before the gate were actually Jesus 12 apostles. However you do have to pay to go inside the building, and being on a tight budget, we were happy with just the outside and kept it moving.

Then finally we came across… the castle.

At the far end of Krakow overlooking the river is the Castle. I don’t know any particular names, and i’m sure if I did some research before publishing this I would be able to find exact names for you… but then it wouldn’t be called ‘ramblings’ would it lol. This site is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We were told before leaving our friends, a must see was the dragons den. Being a huge ‘Game of Thrones’ fan anyone would be excited at seeing this! I don’t know whether it was because my eyes were bulging out of my head and looking everywhere else but where I was going. Or whether it was the annoying cobblestones which had been there since medieval times. But upon arriving at this ‘dragons den’ I had fallen over head first, into a large tourist crowd, all of who were taking videos and photos. My stuff went everywhere, my glasses broke, I then proceeded to fall another 2 times… spraining my ankle.

The view of the lake from the Castle.
Dragons Den

Under the Castle was a crypt, where over 800 years of historical people have been buried – bishops, monarchs, and military leaders and heroes have all ended up here. As everything was in Polish that was all I understood about that… so we finished our day here.

And on that note, with a bruised and battered body we decided to end our day and as the sunset we drove off for the airport, not realising things were about to get interesting…

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