Rest In Peace

Location: Addlestone, UK

Day: 3
Still waking up at the break of dawn due to time difference.
Hair and makeup done, recharged with breakfast and coffee.
Out the door and driving by 8am. Destination 1?


I don’t remember learning anything about Stonehenge in my schooling years. In fact the only knowledge I had of the place was through a conspiracy podcast and all they basically said was ‘nobody really knows how this place came to be, and that it had a witchy, spiritual vibe about it.’ Then I fell asleep midway through the podcast and learnt nothing else (story of my life haha).

Armed with a new identity so I don’t have to pay and saving me about $50aud, I snuck in for free thanks to my friends cousin giving me her pass. Here is what I learnt of the place;

  1. There is nothing ‘witchy’ about the place. Felt no weird energy at all. Don’t know whether that was due to the crowds but it is exactly as you see in the pictures.
  2. Cavemen (they do have an official historic name that I can’t remember… so lets stick to cavemen) are strong! They dragged those HUGE stones from MILES away. You are shown where they started and how they did it… but I was too busy trying to model and not learn.
  3. Stonehenge is in fact a graveyard. And it is HUGE! The crows flying around them does add to the aesthetic of the place.
  4. The huts they lived in were made of mud with straw roofs and they would light their fires in the huts to keep warm. The hut wouldn’t burn down due to the shape of the roof being a cone. Somehow it is able to trap in oxygen and in order for a fire to grow and spread you need oxygen. Thus being able to have a small fire in the middle of your hut.

Around midday we drove onto our next destination.


The drive there was so beautiful. There’s nothing like seeing autumn leaves surrounded by alot of greenery, falling leaves dancing in the wind around your car on a gloomy day. It was magical.

Let me introduce to you the town of Bath…

Bath looked like it was the set of Beauty and the Beast! We had pastries from apparently ‘THE BEST Cornish pastry IN THE WORLD!’ What an achievement lol!

We also visited one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world, the Ancient Rome bath house.  

I managed to once again sneak into a tour as they were walking past, while my friend was talking on the phone and learnt alot about the discovery of the Baths and how it was used in Ancient times.  I saw some Ancient Rome relics. I bought some souvenirs for the cousins and after a few hours said farewell. I will let my photos speak for itself with this place as I can’t describe how beautiful this town was. If I won the lotto and got to retire anywhere… it would be in this town. Check out the photos below. 

The Statue of Julius Ceaser
The head of the Roman Goddess Minerva

After a few hours exploring Bath we were off to our last destination. The place I have been most excited for…


I stumbled upon this place on pinterest and instantly knew this would be another one of my highlights of my trip. Unfortunately we got there just before 4pm and had to power walk to get to my destination. But just walking down the street there was shop after shop full of Pagan items for sale.

The whole town just seemed full of mystery and legend. Entire shops full of purple and witchcraft, another full of white for angel items. Another shop with vampires and the list goes on! Vegan cafes everywhere, not a person in sight. It is every Pagan hippies dream place. I did not know this town was like that until arriving. But there was no time to wander about as I was on a mission to get to the Abby before closing time.

King Arthur – Real or Fake?

In 1191 the monks discovered King Arthur’s and Queen Guinevere’s skeletons buried in the ancient cemetery within Glastonbury Abbey . They knew it was King Arthur because they found a lead cross with writing on it in Latin. Translated it means ‘ Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur in the isle of Avalon‘.

I honestly thought he was a mythical King. Just a made-up story from Hollywood. Apparently not. Seeing this place in person is exactly what I came to the UK for. Legend has it, the first church at Glastonbury was built by Joseph of Arimathea and the boy Jesus in the 1st century.

As you can see from my photos below, the tomb is surrounded by the ruins of this absolutely huge, magnificent church. The doorway would have to be the largest I’ve ever seen! This place in its day would have been stunning! There was a large apple orchid overflowing with apples everywhere and in the middle was this large statue with no plaque to describe what it was for/ about and in the middle of the statue seemed to be offerings of apples. 

Just near this orchid was the remains of the Abbotts kitchen, a square building with its chimney still in tact. 

These ruins were majestic, gothic and magnificent. With its attention to detail, carvings and height… one would only imagine what it would like in its prime time. 

And just as I had had my fill of the place and was on my way out. I entered into this small weird looking church. As soon as I entered the doorway it was dark, there was a weird, unknown, large (can I say demonic) painting with inscriptions on the back wall of the church and inside was an old lady in Witch like clothes (I swear I can’t make this up).

As soon as I entered I got a got a weird instant sense that I needed to get out, not talk, be respectful and leave. The lady turned to look at me and i’ll never forget her beady eyes, pierced right through me and she starts chanting a weird chant i’ve never even heard ever in my life. I honestly can’t even remember if it was english or not. As soon as she chants the candles in the church start flickering, i tried giving her a smile (she did not smile in return) and I slowly back out. 

I was so creeped out and had a weird feeling around me straight after it so I decided to go to the toilet and I s**t you not… I got stuck in the toilet and the door would not open. 

I was rescued in the end. But wow there is something so mysterious about this place. 

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