Blessing the Queen with my presence.

Ok so the title is clickbait.

After walking around Greenwich in episode 4…

We made our way to tick off all the big sites.

  • Picadilly Circus
  • Trafalgar square
  • Can’t remember what else…
  • Oh Lego land and M&M world (of course this is what I remember)
  • Buckingham Palace…
  • Wait I remembered one more,
  • Westminster Abby.
  • There’s plently more but they’re all listed in episode 2 anyway.

Ok so being unfit and hating having to walk everywhere I was cranky and needed to be fed (i’m like a monkey) so we sat in an Italian Restaurant right in the heart of London. It looked like an Italian district as there was Italians outside of every single restaurant calling out to everyone, enticing them to go in. Of course I didn’t need convincing… ‘oh theres pizza? Done.’

Fed again and in a better mood, we were off. Took the train to… alright I can’t remember the finer details, but we took the train, got off somewhere. Walked through Hyde Park… squealed at more squirrels… cursing my legs for being tired… ended up in *drum roll please* Buckingham Palace.

First thing that came to my mind?
Oh yep, cool… there it is.
That just about sums up that experience.
The guards?
Yep they not moving.
The interesting thing though was that the gates were wide open to go into the Palace (she knew I was coming, but I didn’t come here to be hassled by her endless calls… I’m a busy woman). So I didn’t go in. The flag was up which meant she was inside… but meh, she’ll get over it. All jokes aside… British people don’t hate me, but the Palace was cool… but it wasn’t like OMGOSH WOAH WOW WOW. You know? It was just like, yep seen it, awesome. I took about honestly just a minute looking at it, turned around… and then this was my WOAAAAAAAAAAH, mouth wide open, hand on my heart moment. The fountain.

This fountain in front of the Palace. Wow! I heard angels singing, I could hear God whispering to me (hey man...long time, how you been…), a few doves flew in the air as I looked at it, random bits of that white clear floaty material blew in the air… it was majestic… all the adjectives you can think of, this was my moment. I spent so much time here, modelling, shooing people out of my photo, trying to chip off bits of gold from the statues toes, and thinking to myself ‘imagine what heaven would look like.’ It was a random place to think of the man above, but that is where my mind was in this moment. Minus the attempted theft off old mates gold toes… forget that…

After being forced away due to time. We WALKED (honestly sick of this word) once again (argh gummon) all the way to Westminster. I learnt that it is pronounced WEST-MIN-STA and not WEST-MIN-ISTER as I had been saying the entire time with full confidence. We arrived there around sunset just in time for Mass, so with a humble and greatful heart I was able to partake in worship here. Happy to sit down for a bit and talk to my father above I realised that the Priests were just reading scripts, even when they said the prayers, they were just reading from a piece of paper. I don’t know if this is normal as I am not Catholic but this was a shock to me.

Once worship was done I asked if I could walk around a bit. So after paying $40aud we were off to explore the entire place. Nobody tells you (or maybe I just didn’t know) that Westminster is actually the burial place of every single British royal, nobal, historian, scientist, person of interest. So while I was walking around seeing all these ancient and new tombs everywhere, I was creeped out. Realising that this is where Royals are also wedded in front of all the buried dead, gave me chills. The whole place had this eerie feeling to it and I don’t know if thats due to me watching one too many conspiracy theories or just the place in general. But it was beautiful and I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be in this moment.

At the end of the day, after all was said and done, it was home time. Walking back to the station was the hardest journey of my life. I honestly felt like my feet would start a strike and refuse to walk not a step further. I was cranky, moody, wanting to cry… all the above.

Back at home, I checked how many steps I had done…
And you know what? I don’t even think I lost any weight from it.

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