Slytherin through…

Home: Staying with one of my close mates from highschool who travels alot and has been living in Addlestone. She has graciously allowed me into her home and took me everywhere! You can read in more depth about this day here;

Feeling: Overwhelmed by all thats around me. Like a fly outta water (is that the saying?) On cloud 9. Perhaps I should have invested in better travel insurance cos I may end up in hospital from a heart attack cos i’m way to excited for today!

I was not going to travel halfway around the world and NOT visit the Harry Potter Studio Tours! I won’t go into depth about what are my tips and highlights for this place were as I have already spoken about it in my friends blog linked above.

Interesting facts

  • Leavesden, England where Harry Potter was filmed, the vast plot of land used to be in fact a military airfield, then an aircraft production facility until it was purchased by Warner Brothers to create an entire Wizarding world.
  • This Studio is where they spent 10 years of their lives, this was their home. Many of the props and artifacts were saved in case they needed them later.
  • Not to be confused with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter of Universal Studios theme parks.

Fun stuff I learnt

  • Harry’s first bedroom under the stairs at Pivet Drive, many of the props were from the set designers basement.
  • Great Hall has no actual ceiling. Many CGI and camera tricks were used.
  • Many of the costumes were made to tailor by their head costume designer (it shocked me how petite Hermoine was!)
  • The walls of Hogwarts are lined with portraits of centuries-old Wizard and Witches. However as a tribute, the portraits were actually hand painted paintings of the film crew.
  • Hagrid, the goblins and Fenrir Greyback actually had prosthetic heads that moved by mechanical help!
  • The scale model of Hogwarts that they created to film the Castle and its surroundings in is HUGE and will make you cry many tears of geek joy.

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