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#Flyingsolotips – ‘Thou shalt not…’ My 7 tips for solo travellers on long haul flights.

First stop: SINGAPORE (due to flight delays I was only there for a few hours so couldn’t leave the airport sadly)


Brisbane 09:35am: All checked in. Luggage was over by a few kilos, had to cram and cram some more into my carry-on. Hoping my bag doesn’t break. Shoulder is sore cos i’m not fit and also too lazy to be carrying this carry-on. Wishing I had just brang a small suitcase with wheels… what a luxury that would’ve been *shall remember for next time*.

  • TIP #1 – When travelling on long-haul flights do not bring a sports bag as a carry-on. Small suitcases with wheels are your best friend.


Singapore 20:46pm: Longest flight of my life! Muscles (yep lets stick to that… hehe) are sore. Also nobody told me to pack food and water for long flight stretches because man some snacks and water would’ve been great ae, your girl was hungry. Plane food when it arrived (*queue glistening longing eyes*) was meh.

  • TIP #2 Always bring extra snacks in your bag and an empty bottle. You are allowed food in your carry-on and just fill the bottle once you get past security. Am I the only one that didn’t know this?

I was too lazy to carry my bag so first thing I did was find a trolley, put one sportsbag on it, a jacket and iPad and start wheelin away, whistling a happy tune, giving zero cares. I bloody spent too much time mucking around being a tourist that I didn’t eat or even get a drink. I also didn’t know if I could use my cards overseas and had no cash on me so didn’t want to risk it for a biscuit just in case my account blocks and i’m stuck with no money at all. So my brain went NAH carry on Minaah just say ‘no tummy you’re on a diet.’

  • TIP #3: In most countries you can use your Visa or Mastercard. Be aware of international fees though and report your travelling to your banks. My personal favourite bank is IGA Direct.

  • TIP #3.5: Always check your sound on your videos. You cannot re-do them once you’re away from that destination (this tip is probably basic knowledge but i’m not tech savvy so it’s in here). Learnt this the hard way regrettably.


Singapore to Heathrow, London: Flew via British Airways. Unfortunately I had a old aircraft so it was outdated and loud af! Luckily my nephew let me borrow his noise-cancelling headphones because they were a lifesaver! I thought Brisbane to Singapore was long… boy was I in for a trip. I am still making mistakes 1, 2 and 3 above. So no food or water and the plane gave us the tiniest water bottle i’ve ever seen. Probably only had two gulps of water. Who takes a sip of water and feels refreshed? Pointless, waste of plastic. I also couldn’t charge my ipad or phone on the plane because the usb port was not working. So was stuck with boring in flight entertainment.

  • TIP #4: ‘Thou shalt not’ get onto a 14 hour flight with no back-up resources. Have a spare charger, food, water, downloaded games that require no internet ect. Have your passport in its own little case also your itinerary and insurance altogether in its own case. Trust me it makes it easier to find through all the layers.

  • TIP #5, 6 and 7: Also ‘thou shalt not’ get onto plane without a travel pillow and sleeping mask. Wear comfy clothes and layers, a scarf turns into a blanket when you’re cold. C’mon girls we don’t need to be wearing high-heels while flying zzz put on a pair of sneakers, don’t wear jandles because when it gets cold your toes will freeze. No makeup as well – let your skin breathe.

Second stop, Tuesday, 9th October, 05:00am: LONDON! WOO! Landed in Heathrow. I slept pretty much the entire trip on every single flight, so luckily I was wide awake and sprightly because I was off to Hogwarts the same day I landed! Some British hot guy was walking with me pretty much the whole time until I had to go to the ‘non-euro passport’ section but I remember thinking… ‘yaas gurl, live your best life… for 2 weeks only until you are required back in le-office, until then Kia-orana!’

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